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    Leona Fung

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    Banking & Finance, China Assignments, Hotel Entertainment and Tourism, Interior Design & Construction, Manufacturing, Overseas Assignments, Property, Public Sector, Retail Marketing & Services

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    Corporate Clients, Consumers, General Public, Male Market, Female Market, clubs(memberships), brand names, listed companies, hotel groups

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By Leona is a lifestyle brand founded locally in Hong Kong since 2016 which focuses on the production of high quality porcelain, bone china and mixed media products in its early stage. High product quality and unique signature Oriental themes are at the heart of what By Leona stands for. We are a young brand, and we aim to grow our brand name by holding ourselves and our products to the highest industry standards.

Our signature product series merge the traditional Oriental culture and elements found in ancient products or art forms with new technology and innovative design. We bring these rich Oriental culture from China, Japan, India, etc., back to life with a modern twist based on our own perspectives and interpretation of mixing them well with the West. Our products are meant to be original, fun, sophisticated yet practical for day-to-day usage. Besides aesthetics, we love our products as they also tell stories from the past and connect our customers to the deep Oriental heritage.

Apart from our signature series, we also have products designed based on seasonal themes and personalised for special occasions. In addition, By Leona also delivers great experience through various events and workshops to interact with its customers. At By Leona, we are committed to producing the best quality products as well as promoting arts and lifestyle.

Media Clippings: 
1: By Leona official website