Product design


  • Designer(s)

    Leo Yiu, Louise Loong

  • Client Profile

    China Assignments, Manufacturing,Oversea Assignments, Retail Marketing & Services, Social Services

  • Target Markets

    Corporate Clients, Consumers, General Public

  • Awards

    Red Dot Award: Design Concept 2018 (Honourable Mention)
    Hong Kong Smart Design 2018 (Merit)
    2017 IF Design Award
    2015 IF Design Award
    2011 Rado Star Prize

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  • Tel

    64411335, 92803767

Pong is the brainchild of award-winning Hong Kong-based designer Leo Yiu. With a focus on smart product design, Pong products are interesting, functional and beautiful. Modern in design but timeless in functionality, our products are built to inspire and last.

At Pong, we believe that even the most common object has a soul.

Every Pong product has a reason behind its design. We make sure our products are just a touch more unique than the ordinary, so that anyone can live each day smarter, anytime.

While Pong strives to innovate and design one-of-a kind creations, our goal is to make sure our clients’ expectations are met, and hopefully exceeded.

With an extensive network of manufacturers, we guarantee a smooth production process and aren’t afraid to try anything to keep costs down.

Having worked with numerous international clients including Scanpan, Atlantic Promotion, Microplane and The Pampered Chef, we have a thorough understanding of both local and western markets.

Pong aims to help clients across the globe to fulfil their visions.

Media Clippings:
1: 湖南經視